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Dr Matthew Robbins, Palmer Graduate
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Welcome to The Robbins Chiropractic Center. Dr. Matthew Robbins is now in his 25th year providing chiropractic care for personal injury, sports injury, auto and motorcycle accidents and work related injury cases.

Dr. Robbins uses the traditional Palmer/Gonstead adjusting technique and is also trained in low force instrument adjusting, the Koren Specific Technique (KST), which incorporates cranial adjusting, and the Kaufman Pain Neutralization Technique, a form of myofascial release. In addition, he utilizes low-level cold laser therapy for pain control.

Dr. Robbins is a Preferred Provider (PPO) for many insurance companies, including Medicare and United HealthCare. Our in-house insurance professional has 17 years of experience and will gladly answer your insurance questions and efficiently handle the processing of your insurance claims.

We can take x-rays in the office for your convenience. For emergencies, we can usually get you in the same day you call. The Robbins Chiropractic Center is centrally located in Tucson, Arizona on the Northwest corner of Fort Lowell/Stone Ave.

Robbins Chiropractic Center Tucson Arizona Chiropractor

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